Company Incorporation

Thinking about incorporating? Although from April 2016 it may not be financially beneficial it may still be a good idea depending on type of business you are running. Please read on.

VAT Registration

You do not necessarily need to exceed registration threshold to register for VAT. Of course if your turnover goes above certain level you have to register. Please read on or contact us for details.

Employer/contractor registration

If you decide to employ workers or act as a contractor you must register with the HMRC. You also have to operate payroll and make submissions to the HMRC.

Employer support employment law and other legal services

Sooner or later most business do require professional legal advice. With employment law we suggest to solve problems before they appear.

Documents storage

HMRC has very strict rules about record keeping, so you need to be aware about your duty to keep documents relating to taxes for a certain period of time. We can keep them for you! We can even scan them for your convenience.

HMRC Enquiries

It is estimated that around 5% of taxpayers may be checked each year. It may happen to you if you either individual, partnership or a company. Sometimes enquires are very detailed and complex and sometimes only refer to a particular matter or issue.