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You may wish to choose any of our services offered on this page, or contact us for details or quotation. Please also contact us with any questions you might have. We will be more than happy to answer them!

Get a quote

Once we know what you need we will prepare quotation for you to consider. It is our ultimate aim to offer the best service for a good price.

Sign an agreement

If you do accept our offer we would ask you to sign an agreement to confirm that. Once that is done, we will ask you (or your accountant) to provide us with some details necessary to set up your record and to start working for you.

Send all your documents

Unless you choose to use one of our online services, we will ask you to deliver all your documents to us. If it makes sense to scan them, you may do just that and send the whole batch by email.

Let us work on it

Once the package (or email) is delivered, we will confirm safe receipt and start working on it. Once the accounts are ready we will get back to you with our comments and then, final version.

Online services

If you choose to use on of our online services, the work will be done much quicker and result deliver within couple of days (if not hours).