Administrating payroll is most employers’ absolute least favourite task. It’s a very time consuming, long, tedious and dull process.

Your time as an employer and business owner is valuable – you know that. You don’t have time to sit around completing all of the many steps to administer payroll. For each and every employee, you have to create a separate and individual payslip with all of the details of how much tax and NICs they’ve paid (making sure to get it all correct!), plus all the details for other payments that they may receive. These include extra things such as statuary sick or maternity pay, pensions, bonuses and the like. Once you’ve finished all of that, it’s still not over.

The next step is to make sure that you accurately report back to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) exactly how much tax all of your employees have paid that month, and then make a payment to HMRC of the taxes you owe them.

Then, once all of the information is compiled and you’re ready to submit it to HMRC, you’d better not be tardy! Even being just a day late, or making the simplest mistake on your return forms can land you with some pretty serious penalties that you don’t want to deal with. It’s much more worrisome than just completing a series of forms online then forgetting about it until the next time.

This is where we come in. Let us help you out by taking these time consuming, stressful and tedious tasks off your hands. Let us free you up to do what really matters to you – running your business the way it ought to be ran, managing your employees to the best of your ability, without always worrying about late paperwork and HMRC. Our specialists have years of work under their belts and only need a few little details to complete the job. Just let us know who you need to pay and how much you need to pay them before tax.

We’ll go on and complete all of the payslips for every last one of your employees, then work out and add up all of the tax they owe HMRC and come up with any additional payments that are due.

Our accountant will go over all of the details with you to make sure you understand everything we’re doing, and to keep you in the loop as to what’s going on in your business. We’ll let you know exactly what you’re paying each one of your employees, how much you need to pay to HMRC in tax and when it’ll be due. Then, if you’ve found out just how easy it is to let us do all the work for you, we’ll happily submit all of the necessary paperwork and returns to HMRC on your behalf. We’ll even go on to remind you of any due dates that may be coming up for payments you owe HMRC.

We’ve administered payroll for many businesses, so you can feel safe and secure knowing that no one could do a better job.

This service is offered as a stand alone or as a part of any of our packages. Please contact us should you wish to discuss it or if you have any questions. Our email address is [email protected] Or call on 020 7372 8960.