Documents storage
and scanning

HMRC has very strict rules about record keeping, so you need to be aware about your duty to keep documents relating to taxes for a certain period of time.

We recognise that some of our clients prefer to keep their physical records off site and we are more than happy to offer storage facilities.  We charge a simple fee of £4 per month for each folder we keep.  Each folder holds approximately 500 sheets of paper and it can be stored on our premises for up to 10 years.

You may also wish to keep your records in electronic format.  Should this be the case we can scan them for you and provide you with PDF file.  We can also store these files for you.  Our fee is 5p per scanned sheet of paper (either single or double sided).  This option would also give you quick access to your documents should you need to retrieve any of the documents quickly.

You may also take advantage by taking both options in which case we can offer a discount for a bundle.

Please contact us for further details.
Email to [email protected] or call 020 7372 8960.