I want to pay monthly and enjoy all inclusive services

We are delighted that you want to take advantage of our all inclusive, monthly subscription-based service. 

Just to remind you, with our special service you have access to (among others):

  • Tax return preparation and submission
  • Unlimited advice throughout the year
  • HMRC enquiry assistance (optional) – This is important, as enquires from HMRC do happen regularly and they are usually very long, complicated and stressful processes.  If you sign up for our HMRC enquiry service however, we will answer all queries by the tax office on your behalf.  In addition, we will also make appeals on your behalf against any penalties you are charged and write a letter regarding Income Tax or NICs. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call or send us a message. 

If you decide that yes, you would like to benefit from this service, please  choose the best option for your own circumstances from the table and click 'next'.

You will then be directed to Gocardless, our direct debit provider; from there you will need to register (if you do not have an account with Gocardless already) and authorise the direct debit.

Please note that this service is for a minimum of 12 months.

Fees are payable monthly.

Unlimited tax advise * * *
Tax Return – employment schedule (up to 3) * * *
Tax Return – self employment * * *
Tax Return – dividends (up to 3) * * *
Tax Return – student loan repayment * * *
Tax Return – rental income (up to 2)   * *
Tax Return – partnership income*   * *
Tax Return – state benefits * * *
Tax Return – employment benefits** * * *
Tax Retun – non resident     *
Tax Return – capital gain   * *
NICs advise * * *
HMRC correspondence (excluding Tax Return enquiries, excluding benefits)   * *
HMRC tax appeals (excluding Tribunal representations; excluding benefits)     *
Tax Return enquiries   * *
Tax Credits enquiries/appeals     *
Child Benefit enquiries/appeals     *

* We need to have a copy of partnership’s Tax Return
** We need to have a copy of P11D