Accounts Preparation
& CT Return One-off

Your accounts help to tell the story about the life of your company.  They are also used to complete the tax returns for your company.

As the rules for doing so are very strict, it is crucial that you provide all the correct information and documents to us before we can work on your financial statement and tax return.  Preparation is handled with a step by step process.  The final product should be a fair and honest view of the results (whether profit or loss) made by your business during the accounting period, and the position (net assets on the balance sheet) at the end of that period.

As we can make sure all the details are correct and free from errors, we always recommend to our clients that it is better for us to run their books rather than just preparing accounts based on their reports.  However if you would prefer to manage your books by yourself and for us to just handle accounts and corporation tax, we will be more than happy to accommodate you.

Our fee for preparation of accounts and corporation tax return is £650 (for companies with a turnover up too £1.5M and £1500 for those with turnover up to £5M) providing that your reports are error free.  If there is some bookkeeping work to be done to correct errors and account for discrepancies, we will provide you with a separate quote.

You can order this service now.  If you have any questions though, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Once you complete and submit form below we will send an agreement and some forms that need to be signed.  All of this needs to be completed and sent along with all other relevant business documents (a lot of which will be sent to you also). 

We would like you to note that we would ideally expect the complete set to reach us around 60 days before Companies House deadline, to give us enough time to deliver the final version.  If however, the deadline is sooner, you need to send all related paperwork in to us as soon as possible with a note attached stating the deadline.